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Introducing our Cobalt B12 Drench, a highly effective solution specifically designed to address Cobalt deficiency in livestock. Cobalt, an essential element for the growth and development of young stock, plays a crucial role in fertility. This drench provides a targeted response to ensure optimal Cobalt levels, promoting healthy growth and reproductive capabilities. Enriched with essential vitamins B12 and B1, as well as trace elements Cobalt and Selenium, this supplement offers a comprehensive approach to improving livestock performance. Improve the well-being and productivity of your animals with this highly effective drench.


Sizes available:





Farm and Pet Cobalt B12

  • Sheep

    Lambs 6 weeks + : 2.5ml

    Sheep (intensive) : 5ml

    Sheep (extensive): 10ml


    Calves : 7.5ml

    Bulling heifers : 10ml

    Store Cattle : 10ml

    Adult Cattle : 15ml

    Drench slowly and with care via a drenching gun directly to the back of the throat of the animal.


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