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Health, fertility and performance 

Trace element and mineral deficiencies have huge effects on the health, fertility, performance and profitability of your livestock. These deficiencies are often sub clinical and happen gradually over time, having a major impact on the productivity of the animal. The most common side effects are poor growth rates, poor fertility, poor colostrum quality and weak lambs or calves. The animals diet often does not provide the required levels of trace elements and vitamins and so supplementation is necessary. Providing a consistent, reliable and adequate supply of trace elements will ensure your animals are in optimal health and therefore able to perform well. 

Farm and Pet have a Bolutech bolus range as well as our own branded liquid drenches, probiotic paste for calves and lambs,  prebiotic calf paste and lamb colostrum.

Cattle and sheep boluses

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Our Bolutech Bolus range is a practical, technical, and economical solution providing your dairy cows, succler cows, growing cattle and calves, or ewes with the essential nutritional elements that they need to improve health, fertility and performance. Through one single application the animals needs can be met whilst also providing a slow release over a period of time meaning thethe animal has a consistanet supply of minerals. This promotes overall health and well being. Each bolus is subject to disintegration tests in the laboratory as well as the experimental site. This involves replicating the rumen in the lab. This is achieved by taking rumen   fluid and placing a bolus within the fluid. The liquid is then aggitated to replicate the rumen function. These boluses are tailored to meet the specific needs of your animals, based on typical forage analysis results. k here to add your own text and edit me. It's easy.

By providing a balanced supply of essential vitamins and trace elements, our boluses eliminate any wastage, ensuring that your animals receive the precise amounts they require without being oversupplied. This not only maximizes the efficiency of nutrient utilization but also minimizes any potential negative effects of overconsumption and extra costs for the farmer.

Investing in our Bolutech Bolus range guarantees that your herd's nutritional requirements are met effectively and efficiently. With our innovative approach, you can rest assured that your animals will receive the necessary nutrients in a controlled manner, leading to improved productivity and overall herd performance.

Choose our Bolutech Bolus range for a reliable and cost-effective solution to meet your herd's nutritional needs. Experience the benefits of our advanced technology and witness the positive impact it has on your animals' health, fertility and performance. 

To discuss your specific requirements, please contact a member of our team. Quantity discounts are available.

We offer a variety of Liquid mineral drenches that cater to the diverse needs of your livestock. With a focus on balanced nutrition and minimal wastage, our carefully formulated blend of minerals, trace elements and essential amino acids ensure optimal growth, fertility and performance of your animals. Designed to be used at key times of the production cycle such as lambing, calving, tupping and reproduction, our drenches provide an immediate boost to vitamin and mineral levels followed by short to mid term benefits. Whether you require broad-spectrum or targeted nutrition, our products are designed to meet your specific requirements, ensuring that your livestock receives the necessary nutrients for their overall well-being. Our products ensure the health, fertility and growth of your livestock.

FP vitmain and trace element liquid drench

Our Colostrum provides vital support to lambs in the crucial first 6 hours after birth, helping with immunity and preventing hypothermia.
Browse our products today and improve the health, fertility and performance of your animals.

To discuss your specific requirements contact a member of our team today. Quantity discounts are available.

Trace elements and vitamins



The trace element Cobalt is required in ruminants for the synthesis of vitamin B12. Cobalt is found in the pastures and soil where the animals graze. UK pastures can often be lacking in cobalt, resulting in the animal not consuming the required levels for Vitamin B12 production. B12 is essential for livestock for energy metabolism and the production of red blood cells. Adult ewes with cobalt deficiency can have fertility problems, poor mothering ability and potential low viability of pregnancy. Lambs after weaning are particularly susceptible to cobalt deficiency. The clinical signs can be poor appetite and growth rates, ill thrift, and in severe cases anaemia. Cattle will present with weight loss and poor growth rates.

Selenium & Vitamin E

Selenium and Vitamin E are antioxidants and selenium is an essential trace element for grazing livestock. They work together to prevent oxidation of tissues and the breakdown of cell membranes which causes cell damage. Selenium also helps maintain a healthy immune system. This is crucial, particularly during times of high energy demand such as drying off, lactation and calving. This trace element and vitamin are essential for normal growth, fertility and preventing white muscle disease, as well as maintaining a healthy udder and producing healthy offspring.


Copper is an essential trace element needed for growth, white blood cell function and melanin pigmentation. Different animals and breeds of animals absorb copper at different rates making some more susceptible to copper toxicity.


Zinc is an essential trace element for livestock. It plays a pivotal role in immune function, reproduction and growth. A deficiency in this trace element can lead to poor reproductive rates, poor growth and an increase in contracting many diseases. Dietary supplementation with zinc can promote excellent overall health leading to improved productivity rates.



Iodine is a component of thyroid hormone which plays a crucial role in many physiological functions in the body of livestock. For example, appetite control, muscle function and immunity as well as the development of calves and lambs.

Sign of iodine deficiency include still births and weak newborn lambs and calves. Newborns may also have a swelling of the thyroid in their neck. Less obvious signs can include poor fertility rates and poor scanning percentages.




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