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Introducing the F&P Sheep + Copper drench, a highly effective and versatile multi vitamin and trace element complimentary feed. Designed to provide a comprehensive range of essential vitamins and trace elements that boost fertility in ewes and rams that require copper. This drench can be administered at crucial times throughout the year. With a focus on balanced nutrition, our formulation minimizes waste while ensuring optimal health for the animal. By promoting fertility and enhancing the health of sheep, our drench ultimately leads to increased profitability for farmers. This product includes a wide array of vitamins such as high levels of vitamin E and a range of B vitamins, as well as trace elements including Maganese, Zinc, Cobalt, and Copper. Trust F&P Sheep + Copper drench to provide the highest level of care for your animals.




Feed to Ewes:



Mid pregnancy

At lambing


Feed to Tups:



Feed only to sheep with a known copper deficiency. Do not feed with any other copper supplement.


Sizes Available:





Instructions for use:

Farm and Pet Sheep + Copper

    • Specially formulated containing a broad spectrum combination of vitamins and trace elements designed for use tupping, lambing, calving and reproduction in sheep that require copper.
    • Contains high levels of vitamin E which improves colostrum quality and fertility.
    • Contains MAAC chelated trace elements which are more bioavailable, ensuring maximum nutrient absorption.
    • Contains trace elements such as Selenium, Iodine, Maganese, Zinc and Cobalt.
    • Ensures ewes and rams are in optimum health, contributing to fertility and lamb survival rates.
    • Providing essential vitamins and trace elements ensures the sheep can manage the demands of lambing season.
    • Available in 1lt, 2.5lt and 5lt.
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