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Introducing Farm and Pet Cattle Drench, a highly effective broad spectrum vitamin and trace element complimentary feed. Packed with essential vitamins such as A, D3, E, K3, B2, B3, B1, B12, B9, B5, C, B6, and H, as well as vital trace elements including Selenium, Manganese, Zinc, Copper, and Cobalt, this product is designed to enhance conception rates and improve colostrum quality in cattle. This drench can be used both precalving and prebulling, ensuring optimal results. Trust Farm and Pet Cattle Drench to provide the necessary nutrients for your livestock's overall health and productivity.





Farm and Pet Cattle

  • Cows producing under 7500ltrs :

    At drying off : 100ml

    At first service : 100ml

    Cows producing over 7500ltrs

    At drying off : 100ml

    At calving : 100ml

    At first service : 100ml

    Cows already calved but not coming into season or holding to the bull : 200ml

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