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Increase milk production and profitability whilst maintaining cow health with Bolutech Vitality. Our bolus supports long-term effectiveness, reducing somatic cell counts and supporting skin regeneration.
✅ Two-phase action: 1 flash day and 40 long-term days for maximum effectiveness

✅Results in a significant decrease in risky dairy cows' SSC levels

✅ Rumino-protected Vitamin C and organic Selenium
✅ Patent filed and validated by research station studies, ensuring effectiveness and quality assurance.

If you would like to discuss pricing or your individual requirements, please do not hesitate to contact our office on 01630 639738.


Instructions for use:


Bolus to be administered in the rumen with an applicator.

Dairy cows and beef cows: 2 boluses

Heifers: 1 to 2 boluses


Other Provisions:


Consulting a nutritionalist is recomended before use. Ensure that a maximum intake of the additives is not exceeded, taking into account the daily ration of the animal.


Bolutech Vitality Bolus

  • Milk quality is decreasing a little more every year. Less than 50% of dairy cows are healthy ( 300000 SCC) and 15% of cows have a very high level (800000 SCC) Udder disorders are therefore the top health expense for livestock.

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