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Introducing the Bolutech Tonic Bolus, a revolutionary supplement designed to improve the health and vitality of dry cows. This bolus provides a balanced release of trace elements and vitamins over a six-week period, ensuring maximum absorption and long-lasting benefits. It supports easy calving with muscular contraction support, leading to a successful delivery of the calf. Additionally, it reduces the occurrence of mastitis, promoting healthier udders for the cow and improves the quality of colostrum, resulting in healthier and stronger calves. With no waste, the Bolutech Tonic Bolus provides maximum results for both the calf and mother.

If you would like to discuss pricing or your individual requirements, please do not hesitate to contact our office on 01630 639738.


Instructions for use:

  • Dry Cows: 2 boluses at dry-off or 5-8 weeks before calving.
  • Beef cows and heifers: 2 boluses 5-8 weeks before calving


Other Provisions:

  • When deciding whether to supplement your animals take into account all supplementation to ensure you stay within the legal limits.
  • Before using it is recommended to obtain advise from a veterinarian or a nutritionist concerning the balance of trace elements in the daily ration and the trace element status of the herd. Ensure that the maximum intake of the additives is not exceeded, taking into account the daily ration of the animal.
  • Bolutech Tonic releases trace-elements and vitamins for an average period of 6 weeks.



    Bolutech Tonic Dry Cow Bolus

    • 30% of mastitus at the start of lactation set in during drying off. Good cover of the needs, in particular in terms of antioxidants, will make it possible to obtain a healthy udder at the time of calving.

      In suckler cows, up to 40% of the animals have colostrum that is not rich enough in immunoglobulins.

      1/3 of these colostrums are of mediocre quality. Passive immunity will not be optimal and could result in poor health of the calf.

      Supplementation during dry period is essential to ensure the animal has good lactation.

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