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Bolutech Junior is specifically designed as a bolus for young cattle weighing over 80kg. This bolus offers a prolonged diffusion of trace elements and vitamins that can last for up to eight months. The purpose of this supplement is to aid in the preparation of young animals intended for production purposes, as well as to minimize potential deficiencies in minerals and trace elements. Furthermore, Bolutech Junior also plays a role in the development of the rumen. If you would like to discuss pricing or your individual requirements, please do not hesitate to contact our office on 01630 639738.


Instructions For Use:

2 boluses per cattle over 80 kg.


Technical Interest:

  • Complementation of pastures and forages with low content in trace elements and vitamins.
  • The formulation has been optimised based on the actual content of forages and pastures.

Bolutech Junior Bolus

  • In calves, the rumen has to develop quickly: Within 4 months, rumen groups from 2 to 10 l. The development must involve the absorption surface of the rumen and the volume.

    Weaning occurs at least 5 weeks after birth. The level of feed intake is essential. The young animal must maximise his daily energy intake for a successful weaning.

    50% of 6-month heifers  with an ADG of less than 700g day will be reformed with the third gestation leading to the interest in preparing calves and a succesful heifer.

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