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Bolutech Flash boasts formidable strength as a calcium bolus, proven to significantly decrease the prevalence of subclinical hypocalcemia and promote ease in calving. With a quick release into the rumen (90mins), it provides organic calcium of superior quality, vitamin D3 helps with the calcium absorbtion, liver and energy are supported by niacin, and defenses elevated with vitamin E, all culminating in a fortified immune system for cows during the calving period. This potent bolus not only reduces the probability of milk fever, but also supports the birthing process and augments liver function, empowering cows with enhanced vigor and vitality.

If you would like to discuss pricing or your individual requirements, please do not hesitate to contact our office on 01630 639738.


Instructions for use

Dairy cows the day of calving:

2 boluses just after calving and 2 boluses 12 hours later (depending on production level, weight and state of health of cow)


Technical Interest


Bolutech Flash significantly decreases the prevalence of subclinical hypocalcemia from 56.2% to 25% in multiparous dairy cows at 28 hours post partum with higher blood levels of vitamin E.

Bolutech Flash regularly releases the elements within 90 minutes.


Bolutech Flash Cow Calcium Bolus

  • On average, milk fever effects 5% of dairy cows but more than 50% of multiparous cows have hypocalcemia during calving.

    This metabolic disorder is most often invisible and leads to a drop in muscle tone and immunity. This results in an increase in the duration of calving and delivery, with increased sensitivity to metritis. Another direct consequence is the loss of apetite and watering. This increases the risk of displaced abomasum and encourages ketosis.

    The combination of the costs linked to these disorders and the drop in performance results in a significant economic loss.

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