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Revolutionize your cattle farming practices with Bolutech Excell, a nutritional livestock feed supplement that promotes the healthy development of your cows and cattle. This powerful bolus delivers a continuous release of essential vitamins and minerals over 8 months, supporting growth, reproductive organ development, and immune function.
✅ Provides crucial vitamins and minerals to support animal health
✅ Adapts to actual nutrient deficits in feed for maximum impact
✅ Proven effectiveness backed by research studies

If you would like to discuss pricing or your individual requirements, please do not hesitate to contact our office on 01630 639738.


Did you know?


Grazing provides a very good forage, rich in protein and energy, however with several significant mineral dificiencies. 80-96% of samples are difficient for trace minerals.


Instructions for use

2 Boluses per cattle. Administered into the rumen with an applicator.



Bolutech Excell Cow and Cattle Bolus

    • Formulation has been optimised based on the actual content of forages and pastures
    • Complementation of pastures and forages with low content in trace elements and vitamins
    • The trace element release of Bolutech Excell has been scientifcally measured at the Cargill Animal Innovation Centre
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