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Supreme Petfoods Straw 2kg

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Supreme Petfoods Straw 2kg by Misc

Pack Size: 2kg
Intended Species: Rabbits

Supreme Natural Barley Straw is 100% natural straw. This specially processed barley straw reduces dust levels that may irritate a small animal and possibly cause breathing difficulties.

Supreme bedding and hygiene

We’re really into small furries!

Small animals need clean fresh bedding that is absorbent and hygienic. This helps them to be safe and warm on colder winter days and hygienic in hot summers. If bedding is not clean and fresh for example, it can encourage flies in the summer, which can then result in a nasty infestation of maggots, or it may get damp and mouldy in the winter.

We recommend that you clean your pet’s hutch or cage every week to ensure they are free from germs, bacteria and odours.

All Supreme’s bedding is dust extracted to prevent irritation to the eyes, nose and respiratory system.

A naturally warm and absorbent bedding for small animals

At the Tiny Friends Farm in Hadleigh, Suffolk, Supreme harvests the very best straw to make comfy bedding for all our furry friends. Our straw helps to keep beds soft and dry, so that tiny friends can snuggle down for a warm, cosy night’s sleep. It’s the perfect straw bedding for tiny friends with big personalities.