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Formula H Pet Safe Disinfectant 2l

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Formula H Pet Safe Disinfectant 2l by Petlife

Pack Size: 2l
Intended Species: Rabbits,Bird,Dogs,Cats

Formula-H is a broad spectrum disinfectant and its prolonged activity reliably kills viruses bacteria and fungi.
Contains eucalyptus oil to kill viruses and also repel flies.
It is highly effective against: Canine parvovirus Canine viral hepatitis Kennel cough Feline enteritis Canine distemper Rabies Leptospirosis Cat flu etc.
Formula-H has a fresh clean smell which remains for a short while after the product has been used.
It contains an environmentally friendly disinfectant which is safe to handle for the user when compared with competing products and also a special ingredient which ensures the disinfectant remains on the surface for longer enhancing the activity of the product. Formula-H can be used for disinfecting living and sleeping accommodation in whelping and kittening rooms animal boxes baskets and bedding drinking bowls on collars leads grooming equipment and other accessories.
Formula-H is used extensively by the veterinary profession in practices and waiting rooms.
It is also used in quarantine units breeding and boarding establishments small animal colonies and aviaries.
Formula-H Concentrate is the number 1 choice for animal hygiene by the veterinary profession and top breeders.
Formula-H is the safest most effective and most economical small animal pathogen killer.
Its pleasant odour means it can also be used as a general purpose disinfectant around the house.