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Life-Guard Tonic 500ml

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Life-Guard Tonic 500ml by N.A.F. (Natural Animal Feeds)

A nutritional prebiotic, anti-oxidant and vitamin supplement formulated for chickens and poultry, to ensure a healthy immune system and gut flora and allow birds to cope with environmental change.

Life Guard Tonic for Poultry is a Natural, Anti-oxidant, Drug-Free tonic to maintain disease-free chickens and poultry. 500ml bottle

It is a nutritional supplement formulated as a liquid to add to water for chickens and poultry and can be given from day-old continuing throughout adult life. It is designed to be included in the drinking water at the dosage rate of 25ml tonic to 10 litres of drinking water.

The manufacturers (Natural Animal Feeds) state that trials over a three year period show that Life Guard Tonic:
~ maximises egg production
~ maintains body weight and feathering
~ supports the immune system
~ reduces Mortality, and lowers Coccidial Oocysts and Bacterial counts

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