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Charlie Chinchilla Food 2.5kg

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Charlie Chinchilla Food 2.5kg by Supreme

Pack Size: 2.5kg
Intended Species: Other

Charlie Chinchilla Complete Muesli is a complete food suitable for chinchillas of all ages. Alfalfa, grass pellets, wheat bites, peas, maize, raisins, carrots and soya are all added to this high fibre, low fat diet. It does not include peanuts or sunflower seeds as they can contribute too much fat to be healthy for Chinchillas. Hay and water should always be freely available. As a nutritionally complete and balanced diet, it enhances digestive health, encourages natural foraging behaviour and promotes dental wear. It is highly palatable and has no added sugar. It is high in fibre.

Charlie Chinchilla is a muesli style mix from Supreme Pet Foods and is suitable for Chinchillas of all ages.

Low in both fat and fibre Charlie Chinchilla has a selected blend of carefully chosen ingredients to help keep your chinchilla in tip-top condition.

Developed with experts, Charlie Chinchilla includes oils, carbohydrates, vitamins & minerals to promote a good digestive system, healthy skin & coat, and dental wear.

Favourite ingredients include raisins, carrots, alfalfa, peas and soya. The muesli mix in Charlie Chinchilla helps to provoke interest in your pet's food and bring out his natural foraging instinct.

Charlie Chinchilla does not contain any added sugar.

Hay and fresh water should always be available.


Grass pellets, lucerne meal (alfalfa), flaked peas, flaked maize, wheat, carrot, soya flakes, raisins, anise and fenugreek oil, soya oil, minerals, salt.

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