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Lickimat Sprinkles - Turkey and Sweat Potato

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Lickimat Sprinkles - Turkey and Sweat Potato by Industripet

Lickimat Sprinkles - Turkey and Sweat Potato

Pack Size - 150g

The perfect partner for Lickimat, simply wet the mat or wobble mat with warm water and sprinkle these little dried flakes biscuit on to the surface and watch your dog get hours of enjoyment.

An ideal addition to the LickiMat providing an even more enjoyable boredom-breaking experience for your dog, the LickiMat Sprinkles are suitable for all dogs, made with only 100% natural, healthy ingredients to support your dog’s overall health and wellbeing. Ideal for daily treating inbetween meals, they’re great for everyday use to provide daily stimulation and enrichment with a delicious recipe dog’s love, with a low calorie formula that is completely free from added sugars, added salts and wheat.

A delicious and nutritious recipe packed with healthy ingredients
Perfect for using with the LickiMat range of enrichment mats, helping to relieve stress, anxiety and boredom
Created with freshly baked biscuits, crushed into small crumbs for convenient shaking and sprinkling
Perfect for everyday use, with a low calorie formula that helps maintain ideal weight
No wheat, added sugars or added salts, for a healthy recipe dogs love
With delicious turkey and sweet potato, for a wheat-free formulation that’s packed with natural nutrients
Great for dogs of all sizes and breeds
Sure to keep your pet licking for ages, enhancing their play experience
So easy to use – simply wet the mat with water or any other liquid, and sprinkle over your LickiMat Sprinkles!
Convenient sprinkle tub for easy pouring/shaking
How to Use: Wet your LickiMat with a little water, or any other liquid. Once damp, sprinkle over your LickiMat Sprinkles. Only a small amount is required. The Sprinkles will stick to the corners of the LickiMat providing an enticing licking surface packed with flavour and natural nutrients, helping to keep your dog happy and healthy every day.