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Interpet Mikki Hygiene Pants 58 - 70cm

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Interpet Mikki Hygiene Pants 58 - 70cm by Mikki

Pack Size: Extra Large
Intended Species: Dogs

Mikki hygiene pants save your furniture, carpets and clothing from accidents and minimise mess during your bitches season. They can also be used on bitches with mild urinary incontinence but are not suitable for coping with large urinary accidents nor diarrhoea. Mikki hygiene pants are easy to fit and made from stretch nylon for easy washing and comfort with an adjustable elastic waist fastens with a snap-lock buckle and a stitched tail hole for maximum doggy comfort. Replacement pads are also available separately.

Back in 1980, the first Mikki product to hit the market was the infamous Mikki Muzzle, this contemporary update on the traditional basket muzzle was loved by dog trainers as it allowed the feeding of treats whilst training – the first muzzle available on the market to do this.
Four years later, Mikki launched it’s first ever range of grooming products – made by groomers, for groomers and since then, Mikki has led the way in developing quality products that really work.
From the very beginning, Mikki has been a firm favourite among professionals and they strive to make professional quality available for everyone. If you’ve got a pet, they’ve got a grooming tool for you!

Hygiene Pants for Bitches
• Provides protection for bitches on heat.
• Avoid staining your furniture, clothing and carpets.
• Easy to fit with adjustable elastic waist strap and snap lock buckle.
• Stretch nylon for comfortable fit with stretch-stitched tail hole.
• Available in 5 sizes from Chihuahua to Great Dane!