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Interpet Mikki Puppy Grooming Kit

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Interpet Mikki Puppy Grooming Kit by Mikki

Pack Size: Each
Intended Species: Dog

A grooming starter kit for new dog owners. Includes a flea comb slicker & comb to help young animals to being groomed, if they are taught from a young age that their owner grooming them is part of everyday life, they are more likely to find it therapeutic when they have matured. After all, you are only mimicking what their mother would do for them in the wild, and this soft grooming kit will be kind to their coat and skin, whilst ensuring they always look their very best.

Back in 1980, the first Mikki product to hit the market was the infamous Mikki Muzzle, this contemporary update on the traditional basket muzzle was loved by dog trainers as it allowed the feeding of treats whilst training – the first muzzle available on the market to do this.
Four years later, Mikki launched it’s first ever range of grooming products – made by groomers, for groomers and since then, Mikki has led the way in developing quality products that really work.
From the very beginning, Mikki has been a firm favourite among professionals and they strive to make professional quality available for everyone. If you’ve got a pet, they’ve got a grooming tool for you!
Puppy Grooming Kit
• Helps you to build a bond with your puppy
• Introduces your puppy to pamper sessions so grooming becomes enjoyable
• Contains a Slicker Brush, Comb & Flea Comb
• New and improved handle on both the Slicker Brush & Anti-tangle Comb
The Mikki Puppy Grooming Kit is designed to help get your puppy used to being groomed and to make this an enjoyable event for both of you.
The Slicker Brush helps remove moulting hair while the Comb helps tackle any stubborn matts and tangles. The flexible head gives a more gentle brushing experience for you and your pet. The Flea Comb can be used as part of a flea control program.
Regular grooming helps teach your puppy to be relaxed when being handled and prevents any knots or tangles getting out of hand.