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Interpet Mikki Matt Splitter

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Interpet Mikki Matt Splitter by Mikki

Interpet Mikki Matt Splitter

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The Mikki Matt Splitter is a handy pocket sized plastic splitter which easily cuts through small matts, and you can take this with you wherever you go, so if they get a matt when you are on a walk away from home, simply whip out your matt splitter and get your pet back to it's beautiful self again, and all our products are recommended by Alison Rogers, the grooming champion, and after all, a champion cant be wrong.

Back in 1980, the first Mikki product to hit the market was the infamous Mikki Muzzle, this contemporary update on the traditional basket muzzle was loved by dog trainers as it allowed the feeding of treats whilst training – the first muzzle available on the market to do this.
Four years later, Mikki launched it’s first ever range of grooming products – made by groomers, for groomers and since then, Mikki has led the way in developing quality products that really work.
From the very beginning, Mikki has been a firm favourite among professionals and they strive to make professional quality available for everyone. If you’ve got a pet, they’ve got a grooming tool for you!
Matt Splitter
• Effectively and painlessly cuts through matts & tangles
• Tapered guide penetrates the toughest tangles
• Shaped for comfort & effectiveness
• Long lasting cutting blade
All Mikki de-matting products have micro-serrated edges and are made from stainless steel to ensure long lasting quality and excellent results.
Designed to cut through tangled & matted hair. The tapered guide penetrates the tangle and allows the blade to cut the hair. Brush or comb the area to be treated – this will help locate the genuine matts.
Use a “sawing” action with short strokes for effective cutting – never force the Matt Splitter through matts as this will cause discomfort to the animal and is less effective.
Use a Mikki Grooming Comb to clear the loose hairs.