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Tugger Choco Cotton Bone Small

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Tugger Choco Cotton Bone Small by Misc

Pack Size: Small
Intended Species: Dogs

Tugger Chovo Cotton Bone is a special treat. 100% Cotton rope. Delicious choco scent and flavours. Encourages chewing to clean teeth and massage gums.

Support your dog's dental hygiene with Tugger Choco Cotton Bone. This 100% cotton rope encourages chewing and cleans and strengthens pet's teeth at the same time. Intended for different dog breeds, this chocolate flavoured toy flosses and massages your pooch's gums. Apart from the brown and white colour, the toy smells like chocolate too! Give your best buddy a fun treat, and buy the Tugger Choco Cotton Bone today!

Key benefits
• Massage gums and cleans teeth
• Chocolaty taste and scent
• Made of 100% cotton
• Small-sized enjoyable dental treat
• Composed of durable and strong material