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Ancol Variable Dog Whistle

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Ancol Variable Dog Whistle by Ancol

Pack Size: Each
Intended Species: Dogs

The Ancol Variable Dog Whistle can be adjusted to you and your pet's preference. The dog whistle is considered by many dog trainers and veterinary professionals, to be one of the most important tools used for dog training. The dog whistle can be used as 'silent' meaning that when it is blown a sound inaudible to the human ear will be emitted. The high frequency sound, although usually inaudible to us, can be heard loud and clear by Canines.

Ancol is an independent, family owned company specialising in the supply of pet accessories for dogs, cats and small animals. From Their West Midlands base in Walsall we've been developing both functional and luxurious products for discerning pet owners for almost 40 years, using their unrivalled experience, passion and knowledge to become the market leader in pet accessories.

The Ancol Variable Whistle is an important tool for any serious dog trainer. This whistle has a pitch that can be altered to suit both dog and trainer. Whistles are wonderful training tools for dogs for several reasons. Firstly, whistles can be heard more clearly than the human voice, particularly on windy days. Unlike the human voice, the whistle will not convey panic, frustration or weariness and so sends an unambiguous signal your dog will not struggle to understand.