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Ancol Plastic Dog Muzzle Small Size 03

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Ancol Plastic Dog Muzzle Small Size 03 by Ancol

Pack size: Small size 3
Intended Species: Dog

The Ancol Plastic Dog Muzzle is made from a very strong plastic that is both light and easy to clean. The adjustable nylon strap and nose cushion make the Ancol Plastic Dog Muzzle comfortable while leaving very little room for flexibility.

The most humane way to muzzle your dog allows your dog to pant drink and easily breathe.
Fully adjustable nylon fastening strap and felt nose cushion for comfort for your dog
Strong plastic which can be easily washed and cleaned.
Muzzles are a great tool for many reasons but for mainly the following:
Handling and Grooming
Protecting any wounds scratches or stitched if your dog has had an operation etc
Prevention of damage to personal possessions
Owner can relax if walking a more “assertive” dog in public
The Size 3 muzzle is 18cm around the nose and 5.5cm in length ideal for Dachshund and Bichon Frise