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Pill Givers

Administering medication can sometimes be a stressful process for both you and your cat. Here at Farm and Pet we stock a range of pill givers designed to make the process much easier than traditional methods, either by using pill guns are encasing the tablet in a treat. Browse our online pet pharmacy for products specifically designed to make caring for your cat easier.

  • Buster Pill Giver by Buster
    Buster Pill Giver

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  • Pill Splitter by Misc
    Pill Splitter

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  • Interpet Mikki Pill Gun by Mikki
    Interpet Mikki Pill Gun

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  • Catac Pill Giver by Catac
    Catac Pill Giver

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  • Vivitreats x 30 by Misc
    Vivitreats x 30

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