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Hill's Prescription Diet s/d Feline

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Hill's Prescription Diet s/d Feline by Hills

Pack Size: 1.5kg
Intended Species: Cats

Hill's Prescription Diet s/d Feline is recommended for dissolution of struvite uroliths.
Description: Reduced magnesium, phosphorus and protein to reduce the urinary concentration of the building blocks of struvite crystals and bladder stones. Increased sodium to encourage drinking to increase urine volume to help dilute the concentration of struvite building blocks. Encourages formation of an acidic urinary pH to increase the solubility of struvite.
Not recommended for cats concurrently receiving urinary acidifiers, or for feeding long-term without monitoring acid-base status (because of urinary acidifying properties) Not recommended for cats with non-struvite uroliths, kidney disease, hypokalaemia, metabolic acidosis, heart failure or hypertension.