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Hills Feline Maintenance with Tuna 10kg

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Hills Feline Maintenance with Tuna 10kg by Hills

Pack Size: 10kg
Intended Species: Cats

Science Plan Feline Maintenance with Tuna is the embodiment of Hill's philosophy. In its control of excessive nutrients it sets a standard which makes it different from all other cat foods. Cats are carnivores and need high levels of top quality protein. They also need a food enriched with taurine, an essential amino acid for cats. Feline maintenance provides all that and, importantly, avoids excessive levels of magnesium which can cause urinary tract problems. An added benefit of its quality ingredients is that they're so highly digestible your cat will produce smaller stools, so you won't need to change the litter tray so often.

Each and every one of the people working at Hill’s understands that special bond that exists between you and your pet. Which is why Hills work so hard at providing you with the best nutritional care available to ensure that relationship stays good and healthy.

Hills are constantly innovating to ensure the highest quality ingredients and optimal balance of nutrients to meet your pet's specific age, breed and medical needs. Perhaps this explains why Hill’s pet foods are what vets choose to feed their own pets.

Hills continuously look for ways to improve the effectiveness of their products and are proud to be the first pet food company to apply the concept of Evidence-Based Clinical Nutrition to the development of pet food.

The best clinical decisions are made when high-quality research evidence, clinical expertise and patient values intertwine. Evidence-Based Clinical Nutrition starts with extensive nutritional research. These in-depth studies ensure that our products will provide real benefits to pets and meet the highest standards of quality and excellence expected by our customers.

Consistent with Evidence-Based Medicine used by physicians in human practice, Hill’s performs randomised, blinded and controlled clinical feeding studies. These scientific studies demonstrate the benefits of the medical and nutritional research conducted every day at the Hill’s Global Pet Nutrition Centre.

Hills Science Plan Feline adult Light cat food with chicken supplies carefully formulated nutrition to assist with the maintenance of an ideal bodyweight. This diet is designed with scientifically studied antioxidants alongside L-carnitine in order to help use fat as fuel. In addition, this diet contains twenty percent fewer calories and fifty five percent less fat than the regular Hill’s adult diet in order to help reduce body fat. This food also includes high levels of fibre to help control hunger, powerful antioxidants and vitamin E & C to improve immunity and kidney health.