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Cat Mate PVC 4 Way Lock Cat Flap

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Cat Mate PVC 4 Way Lock Cat Flap by Misc

Pack Size: Standard
Intended Species: Cats

The Cat Mate 4 Way Locking Cat Flap with Liner gives the convenience of 4-Way locking control with a trimmable door liner for neat, easy installation in most applications

The attractive circular styling of this 4-Way locking flap is popular for wooden panel doors in addition to glass and acrylic. It is particularly recommended for single/double glazing and very thin panels/screens.

Self lining to 11/4" (30mm) thick ideal for all single/double glazing and any panel from
0-30mm thick. (Note: for existing toughened/double glazing a new glass panel will be required)

• Easy to use 4-Way lock
• Colours: White only
• 4 Way Lock: Yes
• Doors/Panel (self lining thickness): 30mm (1.25")
• Single/Double Glazing: Yes