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Rogz Alley Cat Collar Black 11mm

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Rogz Alley Cat Collar Black 11mm by Rogz

Pack Size: 11mm
Intended Species: Cats

The reflective strip means your cat will been seen at night. The Rogz Alley Cat Collar fully adjustable with safety buckle which will break away if your cat gets in a tight spot.

Rogz Catz Alley Cat Small 11mm Reflective Cat Collars are fully adjustable for a neck size from 20-31cm and are fitted with the new Safeloc Breakaway Clip, which allows you to easily adjust the break-away load of the buckle for cats of +6.6lbs, +8.8lbs and +11lbs. Safety is still the priority so the buckle will still break free if placed under too much strain. Back to the basics, Alley Cat collars are made from snag-proof webbing with a specially developed weave to prevent running and an upgraded, screenprinted reflective nylon. There are no open ends or sharp edges and the colour-coded bell can be removed if you and kitty would prefer a little peace and quiet. Suitable for most cat breeds and sizes and matching harness and lead are also available.