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Pet Medicines

Pets can be an integral part of the family and if illness should strike it’s essential that you have the right medicines to treat them. Here at Farm and Pet we stock a wide selection of pet medicines for many different ailments and injuries for cats, dogs and small animals. We have gathered together products from well established brands such as Panacur, Drontal and Interpet to give you an incredible selection of pet medicines.

Prescription Pet Medicines

Our prescription pet medicines products focus mainly on the prevention or treatment of fleas/ticks and wormers. These ailments can cause considerable distress and discomfort to your cats and dogs and so it’s essential that preventative measures are taken regularly. If you have any questions about our prescription pet medicines then please talk to your vet or a member of staff.

General Health Pet Medicines

We also stock a wide selection of pet medicines for the general health of your pets, this includes ageing, allergy, anxiety, arthritis & joints, dental, eyes & ears, first aid, skin, supplement and weight control products. This range enables you to fully care for your pets, whatever issues they may encounter.

One of the main problems that pets face is gum disease, but there are many ways to help to revent this occurring. Here at Farm and Pet we sell many different types of medicated toothpastes, chews and rinses to help to keep your dog’s teeth clean and protect against a build up of plaque.

Administering pet medicines can be incredibly difficult and can create a traumatic experience for both owner and pet. You can make this process easier by using pill givers, which either enable you to hide medicines within treats, or use a type of syringe. These are an important part of any pet first aid box!

Find out more about our pet medicines:

If you would like to find out more about our pet medicines then please get in touch with a member of our team who can answer any questions you may have.