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Livestock Supplies

Farm and Pet stock a wide selection of livestock supplies for both the farming and small holder community. We cater for many different farming disciplines sourcing an extensive range of products for dairy cows, cattle, sheep, poultry and horses – as well as products for pest control.

Our Range of Livestock Supplies

Your livestock are your livelihood and so it’s essential that you have the right livestock supplies to give them the best day to day care possible, as well as having the appropriate routes of treatment if they should fall ill. Farming requires profitability and healthy livestock are an integral element of this and so to meet this need our product range is comprehensive. We also stock many supplements which improve the performance of your livestock and help to remedy any deficiencies.

We have a wide breadth of experience in the farming industry and so understand the common issues that livestock can encounter and choose out livestock supplies accordingly. Parasites are the blight of the farming industry and each type of livestock species is vulnerable to different types, widespread parasites can include lungworm, tapeworm, roundworm and many other different types. Here at Farm and Pet we stock a wide array of livestock supplies to help you to effectively eradicate parasites and return your animals to full health. Parasites and their resistances are constantly changing and so we keep up to date with the latest livestock supplies, to ensure you can find all the very best livestock supplies in one place.

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If you would like to find out more about our livestock supplies then please get in touch with a member of our team who can answer any questions you may have. Our products are available to purchase online and will be delivered to your door, with options on refrigerated and non-refrigerated delivery.