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Farm Animal Supplies

Keeping your farm animals happy and cared for is incredibly important. The success of pastoral farming relies on healthy livestock and so it’s essential that your animals are provided with the correct medicines, parasite controls and supplements to ensure this.

Here at Farm and Pet we pride ourselves on our extensive selection of farm animal supplies which caters for beef cattle, dairy cows, horses, poultry and sheep.  We source only the highest quality farm animal supplies to give you the ultimate in choice, to enable you to find products specifically designed for the needs of your animals.

Our Range of Farm Animal Supplies

Parasites in farm animals are a common problem and can be an incredibly costly, time consuming and dangerous issue. It’s therefore essential that if your animals are suffering from parasites that they are treated quickly, especially because most are infectious. We stock a many different types of controls for both ectoparasites and endoparasites, to treat a wide selection of farm animals. Please browse our full range of farm animal supplies online.  

farm animal supplies

Our Farm Shop also stocks a wide selection of supplements and farm animal supplies to enhance the general health of livestock. They range from vitamins to help your farm animals recover from stomach upsets, to those which target specific health risks such as ketosis in dairy cows. You’re sure to find the correct farm animal supplies to meet your needs, but please contact a member of our team or your vet if you require any advice.

Browse our farm animal supplies online:

All of our farm animal supplies are available to purchase online and we endeavour to give you the very best prices possible.  Quick delivery is available throughout the country (3-5 days dependant on availability), and this includes refrigerated delivery where required. If you have any questions about any of our products then get in touch – our team are on hand to help!