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Farm and Pet stock an array of medicinal, hygienic and food based products for all of your farm animals, helping you to keep them happy and healthy at all times, which in turn will help to ensure high levels of productivity. We cater for both beef and dairy cattle, equines, poultry, sheep and other species. Browse through our products below to see what we have to offer, and don't hesitate to get in touch if you need help.

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  • Stockholm Tar 1kg by Misc
    Stockholm Tar 1kg

    Our Price

  • Gloves One Up by Misc
    Gloves One Up

    Our Price

  • Standard M-Tork Roll Large by M-Tork
    Standard M-Tork Roll Large

    Our Price

  • Staykill Household Spray 500ml by Staykill
    Staykill Household Spray 500ml

    Our Price

  • Filta Bac Cream 500g by Filta Bac
    Filta Bac Cream 500g

    Our Price

  • Liquid Paraffin Light BPC by Misc
    Liquid Paraffin Light BPC

    Our Price

  • Life-Guard Tonic 500ml by N.A.F. (Natural Animal Feeds)
    Life-Guard Tonic 500ml

    Our Price

  • Anistel Disinfectant Wipes Large x 200 by Anistel
    Anistel Disinfectant Wipes Large x 200

    Our Price

  • Panacur Bolus by MSD (Intervet UK)
    Panacur Bolus

    Our Price

  • SCA Multimilk by SCA Nutrition
    SCA Multimilk

    Our Price

  • Lubrel by Dechra UK (Pharmaceuticals)

    Our Price

  • Albenil SC Sheep/Cattle 2.5% by Virbac
    Albenil SC Sheep/Cattle 2.5%

    Our Price

  • Formula H Concentrated Disinfectant 5L by Petlife
    Formula H Concentrated Disinfectant 5L

    Our Price

  • Liquid Paraffin BP 5l by Vet Way
    Liquid Paraffin BP 5l

    Our Price

  • Hibitine Plus 5% Concentrate 5L by Hibatine
    Hibitine Plus 5% Concentrate 5L

    Our Price

  • Sanivet 5l by Sanivet
    Sanivet 5l

    Our Price

  • FAM 30 Disinfectant 5l by Fam 30
    FAM 30 Disinfectant 5l

    Our Price

  • Envofresh Concentrate Odour Eliminator (CHE by Envofresh
    Envofresh Concentrate Odour Eliminator (CHE

    Our Price

  • Jade Grain Sachets 5kg by Lodi
    Jade Grain Sachets 5kg

    Our Price

  • Virkon Professional Tablets 5g by Virkon
    Virkon Professional Tablets 5g

    Our Price

  • Life-Guard Tonic 1l by N.A.F. (Natural Animal Feeds)
    Life-Guard Tonic 1l

    Our Price

  • Oxbow Critical Care Sachet 454g by Oxbow
    Oxbow Critical Care Sachet 454g

    Our Price

  • Verm-X Herbal Liquid For Game Birds 1l by Not Branded
    Verm-X Herbal Liquid For Game Birds 1l

    Our Price

  • Footvax 20D 20ml by MSD (Intervet UK)
    Footvax 20D 20ml

    Our Price

About Our Farm Shop Products

Here at Farm and Pet we know the importance of keeping your farm animals at 100% health in order to ensure that they create the best produce possible. With our farm shop products, you can help to keep them and their surroundings hygienic, because a healthy environment ensure that germ spreading is at an absolute minimum. Our preventative and treatment products will also allow you to treat an illness at the earliest possibility opportunity, also preventing the spread of germs and helping you to take care of your farm animals.

Help With Our Farm Shop Products

Our experienced staff are available to help and advise you on the purchasing or use of our products, whether you're not quite sure which treatment is best or you can't find what you're looking for, just fill in an Enquiry form and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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