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Deocare Shampoo

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Deocare Shampoo by Deocare Shampoo

Pack Size: 300ml
Intended Species: Cats Dogs Bird Rabbits Horses Cattle Sheep Other

Leaves pets clean and smelling fresh for weeks. Concentrated, yet gentle ingredient deodorises and brightens coats. Improves appearance with regular use. Tearless and pH adjusted for all pets. Helps reduce matting, tangles and dryness. Special easy to rinse formulation

Pet Health Care Deocare Shampoo for Dogs 300ml is a fantastic deodorising shampoo that will leave your pooch feeling fresh and clean.

This concentrated pH adjusted formula is gentle and highly effective in deodorising your pet's coat, as well as reducing matting, tangles and dryness.

Easy to rinse, Deocare Shampoo is brilliant in improving the brightness and health of your pooch's skin and coat while ensuring they are clean and fresh!

Directions for use

Wet pet thoroughly with water, apply a small amount of shampoo working well into coat, rinse, repeat application if necessary and rinse thoroughly.