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Equistro Secreta Pro Max

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Equistro Secreta Pro Max by Equistro

Pack Size: 800g
Intended Species: Horses

Equistro Secreta Pro Max Granules or Horses contains vitamins A,C and E and 20 selected herbs which helps support the respiratory tract.
Equistro Secreta Pro Max helps the bronchial and immune systems during times of increased inflammation and infection risk.
Equistro Secreta Pro Max is an association of carefully selected and refined plant extracts, enriched with Vitamin E, targeting the healthy performance of the respiratory system.
Black Horehound and Thyme support the maintenance of a clear, non restrictive airway while Coltsfoot Grindelia, Mullen and Climbing Ivy help maintain an optimal secretion production and viscosity.
Thyme, Liquorice, Burdock, Grindelia and Mullein are also reputed for their support of the respiratory hygiene status.
In conjunction with conventional solutions and good management, dietary fortification may support the respiratory and immune mechanisms necessary for a healthy functioning.
Equistro secreta Pro Max can be used on a long term basis.

UVP (Unlicensed Vet Products)