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Beef Cattle

Here at Farm & Pet we specialise in providing an extensive selection of farm animal supplies and medicines to keep your beef cattle healthy and strong. Our range includes general health products, parasite control and supplements and they can be bought singularly or in bulk dependant on your requirements. We stock many well known brands and products to ensure that you can find a product which fits your requirements exactly.

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  • Bimectin Plus Value Pack by Bimectin
    Bimectin Plus Value Pack

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  • HK Calving Aid 2020 by Cox Surgical
    HK Calving Aid 2020

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  • Bovigen Scour 30D 90ml by Virbac
    Bovigen Scour 30D 90ml

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  • Closamectin Pour On 2.5l by Norbrook
    Closamectin Pour On 2.5l

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  • Eprizero Pour On (Cattle) - 5l by Norbrook
    Eprizero Pour On (Cattle) - 5l

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  • Deltanil Pour On Cattle 2.5l by Virbac
    Deltanil Pour On Cattle 2.5l

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  • Autoworm Finisher Farmpack by Autoworm
    Autoworm Finisher Farmpack

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  • Closamectin Pour On 5l by Norbrook
    Closamectin Pour On 5l

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  • Autoworm First grazer Farmpack by Autoworm
    Autoworm First grazer Farmpack

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  • Panacur Bolus 40 pack by MSD (Intervet UK)
    Panacur Bolus 40 pack

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Keep your Beef Cattle Healthy with Farm and Pet:

The health of your beef cattle is incredibly important and can impact greatly on your business. It's therefore essential that you have the correct farm animal supplies for your cattle, and to ensure you can treat them quickly if a problem should arise. Here at Farm and Pet we have a wide breadth of experience in the Farming industry and so have gathered together a range of farm animal supplies to cover all aspects of your beef cattle healthcare. We stock a comprehensive selection which ranges from parasite control, through to supplements which focus on specific beef cattle deficiencies.

Learn more about our farm animal supplies:

Browse through our full selection of beef cattle products online, which can be purchased singularly or in bulk and will be delivered to your door. If you would like to find out more about our farm animal supplies then please get in touch with a member of our team or contact your vet.

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