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The Perfect Pet Carrier and Litter Trey

At some point in a pets life, they’re going to have to be transported somewhere. Whether it’s for a holiday, moving house, or just a yearly visit to the vet; a safe secure, comfortable pet carrier is an essential purchase for any pet owner.

Finding the right carrier can, however, be difficult.

It might seem like a large carrier is best because it gives the pet more room to stretch out, and a soft carrier might seem like it would provide extra comfort. But a large carrier can seem daunting to a small animal, as they can feel like there is nowhere to hide in the large space. Similarly a soft carrier might seem like it provides more comfort, but a soft carrier is vulnerable to knocks and may not be waterproof.

These problems are just the beginning.

A pet owner also has to consider how hard it is to get the pet in or out of the carrier, is the viewing window the right size, how heavy is the carrier, and so on.

Here at we have partnered with a company that we feel provides the perfect pet carrier for small animals.

The Marchioro Range

Marchioro is family run business that has specialised in pet and garden plastics since 1957. Working with experts from several different countries, Marchioro has developed an innovative, exclusive pet line that we are happy to bring to you at affordable prices.

Marchioro’s commitment to animal care and welfare is reflected in their attention to detail and the high standards to which, every product is manufactured. Marchioro use high quality raw materials combined with state of the art injection and rotation moulding technology to create products manufactured to the very highest standard.

With such a staunch commitment to quality it is no wonder that Marchioro products have received many awards and are available in over 60 countries.

With a range of features making it the perfect plastic carrier for pets including cats and small dogs, the Marchioro Pet Carriers are a simple yet attractive carrier ideal for transporting your pets.

A tough, non-brittle carrier for pets, the Marchioro Pet Carrier’s will not splinter or harm your animal, for safe transporting at all times. Featuring a top handle for carrying, the Marchioro Skipper range is convenient, easy to use and ideal for travelling, trips to the vets and more.

A great quality, long lasting carrier, the Marchioro Skipper range of pet carrier also features vent slats in the sides for visibility and comfort, a secure wire door so your pet cannot escape and a plastic locking key for easy assembly and disassembly when in and out of use. This makes for easy and convenient storage too. is proud to offer the Marchioro Skipper 1F and 2F.

Marchioro Skipper 1F

Marchioro Skipper 1F is a well made, economical carrier ideal for small animals around 7-22 pounds.

The Marchioro F1 skipper features:

A strong, durable construction that won’t wear and break over the life of your pet.

The small pet carrier is easy to put together and take apart for compact storage when the carrier isn’t in use

A large metal door makes it easy to get your pet into the carrier while preventing them from getting out.

Ergonomic care for easy, comfortable carrying.

Side latches and additional security pins keep the carrier securely locked.

The Marchioro F1 is suitable for pets 7-22 pounds.

The metal doors are shock resistant.

Measures 19″L x 12.25″W x 12.25″H.


Marchioro Skipper 2F

The Marchioro Skipper 2F is ideal for slightly larger small pets, weighing between 9-33 pounds. It has all the same features as the F1 but is suitable for slightly larger animals.

Standard metal door can be opened from either side

Ergonomic handle for easy carrying

Side latches and extra security pins keep the carrier securely locked

Suitable for pets 9-33 pounds

Measures 21.75″L x 14.25″W x 13″H


In addition to the pet carrier Marchioro have applied their knowledge of plastics to produce a litter trey of outstanding quality.

Marchioro Bill Hooded Litter Pan

Keep your kitty litter where it belongs with the Marchioro Bill Hooded Litter Pan. This durable plastic pan features a high back and enclosed hood to provide total control of your cat’s litter. Designed for simple efficiency, the Bill is easy to disassemble, clean, and transport.

The Marchioror Bill hooded litter pan features:

Enclosed litter pan prevents litter mess and spillage

Simple to disassemble for easy cleaning

The door will help keep odours inside.

Convenient carry handle makes transportation easy

Measures 19.75″L x 15.75″W x 16.5″H


The Neolait range of nutritional bolus

The bolus is an increasingly attractive option for farmers hoping to increase the health and profitability of their animals. A bolus is a practical, cost effective way to mineralise a herd. A single application can provide for an animals requirements for a long period of time, and because each animal receives a bolus a farmer can rest assure that each animal receives the right amount of trace elements while saving time and eliminating waste.

Trusted by 30,000 farmers in France every year and available in 68 countries, Neolait has been a force in agriculture for 70 years. Neolait’s commitment to scientifically developed agricultural products has seen them produce creative, efficient and environmentally friendly solutions to improve the health and wellbeing of animals and the viability of farming.

Dietevit Tonic

Despite being essential during the first few hours of a calf’s life, a calf is born with just enough vitamin A and E to survive. By supplementing the nutritional intake of dry cows with Dietevit Tonic the calf will receive a high quality colostrum rich in vitamins and minerals.

Dietevit Tonic contains:

Selenium – Selenium increases a calf’s levels of immunoglobulins which helps strengthen the effect of a vaccination programme, as well as helping with old cell detoxification.

Vitamin E – Vitamin E helps stimulate immunity and protection of cells.

Vitamin A – Multiplication of mammary tissue (regeneration) can be stimulated with vitamin A.

Zinc – Zinc is for multiplication and mammary tissue resistance and well as playing a role in general immunity.

Dairy cows receive 2 boluses at drying off or 5-8 weeks before calving.

Suckling cows and heifers receive 2 boluses 5-8 weeks before calving.

Dietevit Tonic provides secure constant release of trace elements for 5-8 weeks


Perfect for grazing and forage fed small ruminants, breeding, and milking ewes and goats, Bolutech Ovixcell from Neolait is trace element bolus designed to reduce the risk of nutritional imbalances in grazing and forage fed animals.

Ovixcell is scientifically designed to make up for shortfalls in the trace element and vitamin content of feed for sheep and goats. By optimising the nutritional content available to an animal, Ovixcell has been shown to have benefits for sheep and goats at a range of developmental states.

Ovixcell contains:

Zinc – Zinc helps to improve fecundity and fertility.

Cobalt – A cobalt deficiency can cause lethargy, a reduced appetite, as well as poor wool, size and condition.

Iodine – A lack of iodine has been linked to goitre in lambs, perinatal mortality, low birth weights and poor fecundity.

Selenium/vitamin E – Selenium and vitamin E have been show to help prevent white muscle disease and infant mortality.

Vitamin A – Vitamin A helps with steroidogenesis and embryo survival.

Ovixcell is for sheep and goats weighing more than 45 kg. 1 bolus at grazing will supply a secure controlled release of trace elements for 120 days.


Hypocalcaemia is believed to effect between 7 and 8% of milking cattle and costs farmers money. The cost of treating an animal with Hypocalcaemia and is related illnesses is significant, but when the reduced fertility and risk of culling is taken into account the cost really begins to add up

Bolutech Flash from Neolait is a simple, secure, inexpensive solution for protecting cattle from hypocalcaemia. By providing a an additional 66g of calcium derived from two different sources, Flash gives cattle a boost that helps to protect against the effects of a low calcium diet.

Hypocalcimia can cause a range of medical problems in cows, from low tonicity and feed intake to increased risk of mastitis, metritis and ketosis, in some cases cattle can develop milk fever, and low calcium can in even result in death.

A bolus applications has many advantages over other ways of increasing calcium intake:

There is no risk of bad swallowing

No waste compared to oral drenching

Inexpensive when compared with a specialist feed ration.

A bolus is a good alternative or even compliment to calcium injections.

When combined with Bolutech Activ and reflex, Flash create a perfect nutritional supplement regime for dairy cows.


Ovifresh is a trace mineral bolus from Neolait designed to increase outcomes during lambing. Formulated with organic trace elements and minerals ideal for helping to increase outcomes during reproduction. A single application of Ovifresh makes for a simple cost effective solution to nutritional short falls in an animals diet.

The carefully balanced nutritional profile of Ovifresh helps to improve antioxidant activity, helps the cyclicity and expression of oestrus, and is adapted to oestrus synchronisation programmes.

A Ovifresh bolus administered 20 days before breeding will slowly and evenly release the trace elements needed to improve ewes fecundity, help the development of the ovulatory follicle and support the regeneration of skin and skin appendages.

Ovifresh contains:

– Zinc: prostaglandines synthesis, epithelium integrity, fertility

– Iodine: fecundity(thyroxyne T3) cycle regularity

– Copper: embryonic mortality

-Vitamine A: Steriodogenesis (progesterone) cycle regularity, embryo survival

– Beta-caroten: progesterone

– Vitamin E/Se : nidatation embryonic mortality,

Antioxidant system

– Superoxyde dismutase (SOD): Copper, zinc, manganese

– Glutathione peroxydase (GSH-pxe): selenium

1 Ovifresh bolus should be administered to ewes and goats over 45kg 17-20 days before insemination

The bolus is an increasingly attractive option for farmers hoping to increase the health and profitability of their animals. A bolus is a practical, cost effective way to mineralise a herd. A single application can provide for an animals requirements for a long period of time, and because each animal receives a bolus a farmer can rest assure that each animal receives the right amount of trace elements while saving time and eliminating waste.



Royal Canin, Junior, Renal, Sensitivity, High Quality Cat and Dog Food


Royal Canin pet foods are different for the simple reason that their foods are designed for pets rather than pet owners. Royal Canin was created by a vet named John Cathary in 1968 who realised that not all dogs and cats are created equally and feeding every animal what is essentially the same food might not be the best thing for them.
A Pug is a completely different size and shape to a Labrador. Just watching a Labrador bounding around then a pug amble along suggests that the two animals would have very different nutritional needs from their diet. Similarly a house bound Persian Cat is very different to a sleek Siamese.
By scientifically analysing the many different breeds and vareties of animal using cutting edge research, Royal Canin has created a range of products specially designed for the nutritional and health needs of each specific pet. Large or small, young or old, pure bred or mixed Royal Canin use the finest ingredients to create a balanced diet and keep a pet happy and healthy throughout their entire lives.

Nutrient vs ingredients

Royal Canin’s research team put nutritional value, not just ingredient selection at the heart of their food. Each formula contains a precise balance of over 50 nutrients that serve specific functions to help maintain the health and happiness of a pet.

Each nutrient serving one of four goals:

Body development
Amino acids, minerals, vitamins and fatty acids meet the basic nutrition requirements for healthy physical development and maintenance.

Energy provision
Protein, carbohydrates and fat provide energy to cats and dogs.

The best antioxidants, prebiotics, fibre and essential fatty acids help address kidney issues, digestive problems, the effects of aging and other common health issues.

Special care
Very specific nutrients can be limited or added in certain formulations in order to help cats and dogs recover from particular health issues.

The scientific research doesn’t stop at the nutritional content of the diet. The size, shape and even the density of each individual piece of kibble has been tested to meet the needs of the dog or cat it is designed for. For example A Persian Cat eats with the underside of its tongue, so Royal Canin scientist quickly realised that an almond shape kibble would be easier for the cat to pick up. A Labrador dog on the other hand has a tendency to gobble its food. A doughnut shaped kibble was therefore designed to slow the dog down and make it chew.
The attributes of a piece of kibble can help protect a pet in a number of ways including:

Dental health
A properly designed kibble can effectively brush your dog or cats teeth, reducing plaque and tartar and maintaining a healthy mouth

Aid digestion
Slowing the rate of ingestion, by slowing a pet’s ingestion and forcing them to chew has a positive effect on digestion.

Increase the foods palatability
As well as the smell the way the food feels in the mouth wiii help avoid problems with fussy eaters.

The density of the kibble affects how full your dog or cat feels after a meal making it easier to control how much your dog eats.

Types of food
Royal Canin provides a range of products specially designed for each animal. Their food comes in 4 distinct types:

Different breeds of pet have very different nutritional needs. A Bull Dog and a German Shepard are very different animals, who require very different diets. Their size, shape, metabolism and even fur require a different nutritional profile to cater for their needs. Royal Canin uses cutting edge research to cater for those needs.

As your cat or dog ages and their bodies change so do their nutritional requirements. As a kitten or a puppy is developing they require a higher concentration of nutrients in order to not only maintain themselves but to also create the capacity for growth. Whereas it is natural that a senior or geriatric pet needs a different nutritional profile to help guard against ailments associated with age. Similarly a young animal requires higher carbohydrate levels to fuel their active lifestyle, whereas an adult pet who is far less active would just grow fat. Picking the right food in line with a pet’s age will help your pet by keeping your pet healthy and active throughout their life.

Specific health concerns
Companies such as Royal Canin offer a range of products designed to use diet to aid in the recovery or managements of specific health problems such as Urinary Health, Diabetes, Digestive Support, Liver Health, Illness and Surgery Recovery Support, Renal Health, Weight Management, and Cardiac Health. These products are designed to use ingredients that specifically help to care for animals with these ailments and are available through your vet or licenced vendor.

General health
As well as the more specific problems that can be helped by diet, there are also a range of products designed for more general health and care of a pet. For example foods that help control the weight of a dog, or a food designed for cats who are fussy eaters, or hypoallergenic food for animals with allergies.

Royal Canin’s commitment to quality extends from its research stage all the way through to manufacturing. Raw materials are selected from suppliers who strictly adhere to Royal Canins specifications. Every Delivery of raw materials is checked before the lorry is even unloaded, so that they can ensure Royal Canins strict nutritional standards have been met and that there are no micro toxins present.
Royal Canin uses the HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) method to ensure tight quality control at all stages of manufacturing. Including a final round of tests and analyses to make sure the final product meets every standard set.

Royal Canin
Royal Canin’s ethos has kept the company at the cutting edge animal feed research and production for 40 years. Their commitment to the specific needs of every type of cat and dog ensures that they continue to produce high quality pet foods that will keep your pet happy and healthy throughout their entire lives.