Cats make fantastic pets. They are warm, friendly, affectionate and fun. Whether seeing little faces greeting us at the door, an old lap cat cuddling on a cold day, or watching a kitten chase a fly around the garden, we at Farmandpet firmly believe a cat goes a long way to make a house a home.
Farmandet would recommend cats to almost anyone, but before you jump in with both feet, there are a few things to consider before you get a cat.


Despite being fairly independent animals, perfect for busy modern lifestyles, cats still require a lot of attention and a certain amount of routine. Before getting a cat, you should consider how much time you have for play and cuddles. If you wat an affectionate cat who is always pleased to see you, you will have to spend time handling and playing with your cat.
Once you have your cat you may begin to notice that the animal is always there to greet you when you come home, or is waiting for you in the morning when you get up. Cats are creatures of habit, and while it changes from breed to breed, it can cause a cat distress to have a constantly changing routine. Before you get a cat consider whether you will be around to feed your cat, if you come home and get up a similar time most days, your cat will be waiting!


As obvious as it may sound, different breeds have different needs! A long haired cat will require daily brushing, some breeds are more sociable, some need to be allowed out, a Maine Coon can grow to 1.2 meters long and weight 8 kilos!
It is worth taking the time to consider what you want from your cat and then selecting the breed to fit your criteria.
For more information on different breeds click here


Consider your house from the point of view of a cat. Do you live near a dangerous road? Do you live in a small flat with no external door? Whatever your situation there is probably a cat for you. Carefully consider the breed and its needs in relation to your living situation.

What age, Kitten or Cat?

Kittens go nuts! They charge round a house knocking things over, scratching the sofa and sometimes your legs, shredding paper, jumping up where they’re not aloud and require training on the litter trey. It is brilliant! There is no animal quite as fun as kitten and we at farmandpet can easily lose hours watching them play.
However this is not for everyone. If you value your peace and quite you may want to consider adopting and older cat. Not only will they be a lot calmer, and hopefully trained, but you will also be giving a loving home to cat that may otherwise struggle to find one. That basically makes you a super hero!

The litter tray

There’s no avoiding it, you’ll have to have a litter tray and it will require regular cleaning. If handling you cats waste is something you don’t think can do, a cat is probably not for you, unless you get an older cat who is aloud outdoors.


There are a lot of costs associated with having a cats and it is very important to consider if a cat is something you can afford.
Here is a list of costs to consider.
One time costs: Injections
Litter tray
Food Bowl
Water bowl
Micro chipping
Recurring costs: Food
It is also worth considering pet insurance. While it is not strictly necessary, a sick animal can incur significant costs, and become very expensive very quickly.

Other pets

If you have other pets, how will they react to the presence of a cat? A dog may cause the cat distress, a cat may cause a bird distress. If this is the case consider how you would manage these problems.