For all its advantages, living in the city sometimes presents a potential pet owner with restrictions on owning a pet. Smaller spaces, and close neighbours can be problematic if a pet owner wants a big noisy animal.
But don’t despair! With a little forethought and some careful planning there is a pet to suit almost any situation. Here are our suggestions for the best pets for city living.


Cats are a natural fit for city living. They don’t need walking, clean themselves and can be trained to use a litter tray. Keeping a cat in can also protect your pet from dangers such as cars, disease and other animals.
A potential cat owner might also want to consider adopting an older cat. Not only will you be giving a home to a fluffy thing, but an older cat will have less energy and cause less devastation in your home.


Dogs come in many different shapes and sizes and vary a great deal in how much space and exercise they need, as well as how noisy and sociable they are.
Dogs can make great pets for flats and city living as long as you put in the research before dashing out and grabbing the first cute face you see. French bulldogs, or Dachshunds are perfect, they are small and require little exercise. For a more complete breed guide please click here.


Hamsters, mice, and rats have a lovely inquisitive, social natures. Any rodent lover knows you can lose a lot of time watching their ever twitching noses probing every nook and cranny they find.
Clean and contained rodents make fantastic city pets, the only drawback is they can be a little noisy spinning on their wheel, and as nocturnal creatures, most of this noise would be at night


Lizards are great pets for city living, very little mess, quiet, no fur to aggravate allergies, and they don’t need huge spaces to bound around in. Plus who wouldn’t want a tiny dinosaur wrapped around their finger?


Fish can provide a calm little centre in the otherwise hectic life of the city. These beautiful creatures have many advantages for city living, as with lizards, they are clean, quiet and contained, but they also never develop separation anxiety, which makes them perfect for the workaholic or the social butterfly.
Why not start with a couple of Goldfish in a bowl and see where your imagination, and wallet, takes you


Perhaps not for everyone, spider make great pets for a certain type of person. While not sociable creatures, spiders are fascinating to watch as they have a range of interesting behaviours.
There aren’t many pets you can match wits with as you try to keep these escape artists contained.


Beautiful, intelligent and very social animals, birds make great pets for city living. Birds need relatively little space, are easily trained and are hypoallergenic.
Birds are very social animals, the more love and attention you give them the more affectionate and happy they will be. A great pet for someone looking for a real relationship.