Month: February 2015

All fresh and clean for Summer

Hi Folks, It ‘s Summer! Time to start getting ourselves all spruced up and looking our best with our amazing range of pet supplies! Farm and Pet have some great grooming products to smarten us up, like this gorgeous Spearmint and Lemongrass Deodorising Shampoo. It’s powerful, but gentle, neutralising odours rather than covering them up! This […]

Bag a bundle at farm and pet

Everything comes in bundles these days, and Farm and Pet can see that bundling up a set of quality products and offering them to you at a great price is just a brilliant way to do business.

As you’ll realise from the banners above we’ve been thinking about grooming and we’ve created two brilliant bundles (one for cats and one for dogs) from the great range of products we have available at Farm and Pet


contents and price blog 2


Next time ….

Blog 3

Next time you visit Farm and Pet there will be a new member of our team for you to meet. Read on to hear all about … Sparky!